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The name of our kennel is in original Samoyed people language or to be more specific in Tundra Nenets language and it means ” white joy “. It describes best what this magnificent breed represents and means to us – Pure joy, White joy! 🙂 We have a deep respect for the origin of the breed and everything they represent. At this opportunitiy I would also like to thank Mr. Tapani Salminen, who helped us with the translation of the name!


We are a married couple Erik & Manuela that lives in Seterstøa, Nes-Akershus in Norway! My husband Erik is Norwegian and I come from Ljubljana from Slovenia. We have a small house with a 3000 square meters property. The house is located on the country side, surrounded with forest, which gives us some great outdoor facilities for us and our dogs! Our dogs are our family members that live with us in our house. We use them for many different outdoor activities (cani cross, kick bike, hiking) and also for shows.

We bought our first Samoyed in 2006 from Kjeborg´s kennel in Sweden. That was our boy Aiko! We were not planning to do any shows with him but after the breeders request we took him on his first show at 4 months and the feedback we got from the judge, was simply amazing and encouraging to continue showing him! At that point, we were not showing him for winning any prices and tittles, but just to follow up his development 😉 It turned out that we have a very promising breed representative and that it would be absolutely a waist, not showing him. He had a brilliant show career that continued also after 2008, when we moved to my home country Slovenia. In one show year in Slovenia he won 6 CAC, finished his Slovenian Junior Champion title and fulfilled all the requirements for Slovenian Champion as well. At the same time, he was also old enough to take his health check and unfortunately, that was also an end of his show career! After discovering that he is suffering from a strong Hip Dysplasia, we decided to pull him out of the show rings. That never changed our deep love for him and today he is a wonderful family member that also passed the Canistherapy test.

Our second male Nanook became our family member in 2008 when moving to Slovenia. We picked him up on our way to Slovenia – in Slovakia, at Yoshi & Us kennel. We were aiming for a good show dog and a companion for our Aiko. He is a big boy with worlds most gentle personality. He was not so enthusiastic about being shown in show rings, but rather thrilled about all the outdoor activities. So, we did not feel like bothering him with shows if he doesn´t enjoy them!

And so in 2011, came time when we started to think, that it would be great to try with our own breeding. Through all those years we were learning a lot (and we are still learning) about this wonderful breed and it´s qualities and developed our own image of “perfect” Samoyed. But we had a problem: How can we breed without a bitch? 😉 So we felt that the time was right, to get ourselves a girl! And there she came, our first princess Suki! We went to get her back to our “first breeder” Kjeborg´s kennel! She was really something special already as a puppy, in age of 6 weeks. I knew instantly, that she is the one and it turned out that I was not mistaking! She took the show rings with the storm, heading many times all the way to the top! After one year of shows in Slovenia, she became Slovenian Junior Champion, Croatian Junior Champion and won many Group and Best In Show placements! But soon the destiny wanted from us to change the direction again. So in 2012, we decided to move back to Norway, to where we live now! For us it was a new beginning but for our Suki it was just a continuing… She continued with her amazing show career here in Norway as well, with winning many Best of Breed´s, Best In Show and after only one year, finishing also her Norwegian Champion tittle! What a fantastic achievements, with this fantastic girl!

Meanwhile, we were looking for some new exciting bloodlines, that our new girl would bring to us. So in December 2012, we found what we were after in Hungary at kennel Dirty Dogs Have More Fun, that was having their first litter but with very exciting bloodlines. It was very clear for us, that this is what we want and our new import was Liza. Girl with fantastic ancestors from Smiling Snowball Kennel and with world known Vanderbilt lines. It turned out that once again, we did a great job with choosing this girl. She is a wonderful girl with fantastic movement and the success at shows was only confirming that! Already as a 8 months old puppy she went all the way to the top, by winning Puppy Best In Show and not to mention all the fantastic reviews that she got from the judges from all over the world.
Unfortunately we lost our sunshine girl Liza, while being pregnant for the first time due to the acute uterus infection and blood poisoning…The 28.05.2015 our Liza and her 9 unborn puppies became angels, bright stars on the sky…she will always be in our hearts, and never forgotten <3 …until we all meet again one day…

Our First litter was born on 13.09.2013, out of our Suki (sired by CH Vanderbilt´s Captain Cool) and a very special girl was kept at home! Miyuki is our first home bred family member!

After Miyuki we have kept her daughter Leeloo. Leeloo is one of a kind samoyed with a unique personality that needs to be experienced. You’ll see it and feel it when you visit us.

So that was about us!

Our dedication will always be to produce healthy, beautiful, versatile and great temperaments Samoyeds!

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