13.09.2014, Happy 1st birthday to our “First” litter!

Litter First 1st birthday13.09.2013, Friday the 13th and my dream becomes true…Suki gives birth to six wonderful puppies, 2 girls and 4 boys! They are all big, healthy, beautiful…priceless moment! So time goes by…so fast I am almost loosing it…and it is today, 13.09. – one year later; my babies are 1 year old! Wow! So precious, their first birthday… Happy birthday dear Leo, Caro, Loki, Ruby, Miko and Miyuki! Wishing you all lots of love and caring moments on this special day! Thanks to world´s best owners Heidi, Amalie, Rune, Steven, Els, Nina, Ron and Joanna, for giving a year of love and affection to my precious puppies!

And my darling Miyuki, thank you for a year full of excitement, unconditional love and precious, unforgettable moments! Love you my cheeky girl!