All puppies from our litter “D” are in their new homes!

Many emotions here and as usual bitter sweet feelings. Our puppies passed the age of 9 weeks and the time to let them go, enjoy their new adventures, learn new things and receive and give lots of love with their new owners, has arrived. It is always hard to let them go but at the same time I know that they are going in best possible homes and they are in need to start the new chapter of their lives. So not much left to say than, I will miss you my little sweet hearts and lots of good luck, wonderful and exciting times, and lots of positive adventures with them, to all their loving owners. Good luck with your “Kokkos” Double The Bet Of Serako Maybtso (Miss Red), Marie and Aleksander, with your “Sumo” Divine Luck Of Serako Maybtso, Bendy Birte and Severin, with “Icey” Dream Big Of Serako Maybtso, Maria and Sofia, with “Nansen” Dream Come True Of Serako Maybtso, Cecilie and Tore, with “Rosie” (Miss Purple) Dazzling Supreme Of Serako Maybtso, Henrich and Noémi, with “Nara” (Miss Green) Destiny Call Of Serako Maybtso, Anna Sofie Haugseth og Bjørner and with “Miss Pink” Double Diva Of Serako Maybtso, Marlene Holm and welcome to our family!