All the puppies from our litter “B” have left to their new homes!

The time to say farewell to our precious puppies has arrived. Last week all the puppies left to their new homes, and letting them go was not the easiest thing to do… All of them will stay in Norway and once again they left to wonderful people, that will without doubt give them fantastic and loving homes. I would like to thank to all their new owners for showing us their trust and for opening their homes and hearts for our very special and precious  puppies! Thank you very much Ole, Anne and Olaf, Marie and Aleksander, Ingrid and Øyvind and last but not least Inger Marie and Henrik! We are wishing all of you many special and unforgettable moments with your new family members.

At the same time I am honored to say, that one girl has become a new member of our pack (living with us) and also one boy is kept in co-ownership with Inger Marie and Henrik. You can follow them up here at our homepage under “Our Dogs”.

Mikko - Be My Braveheart Of Serako Maybtso"Ludde" Be My Moonwalk Of Serako Maybtso"Simba" Beautiful Hope Of Seraklo Maybtso"Elsa" Born To Be Loved Of Serako Maybtso"Pepsi" Beautiful Mind Of Serako Maybtso"LeeLoo" Born To Be Cool Of Serako Maybtso