Good luck our litter G!

Yesterday our puppies became 10 weeks old ❤️, so it was time to start sending them out to new adventures, to new loving and caring homes. This is always a very hard and sad moment for me as a breeder, but at the same time also a happy and very proud moment. I have absolutely no doubts that they will have absolutely wonderful lives, filled with love, care and new adventures and I am so much looking forward to follow them up and watching them grow into strong, beautiful individuals! ❤️ I would like to thank to all their new families for all their care, trust, support and for choosing us as a breeder and with that becoming a family member of our little, humble Serako Maybtso family ❤️. You are all wonderful!!! ❤️So, big congratulations and lots of wonderful and unforgettable moments with your precious furry kids Ingrid Andrea and William, Tomona with your lovely family, Ingvild and Oline, Sigve and Tilia and Hege with your lovely family! ❤️

Welcome to or litter G!

On night from Thursday to Friday (25.06.2021), on Slovenia’s 30th anniversary of independence, we had an honor to say hello to 5 beautiful, big puppies (480 – 550g)from Stella and Max. Stella became mother to 2 boys and 3 girls 💙💙❤️❤️❤️. It was a bumpy road, but ended good. Now we need to regain our strength, so more update will follow.

All puppies are spoken for!

Puppies on their way!

I am so much looking forward to meet little munchkins! ❤️ Not long, just a little bit more… But it would not be possible without all the wonderful people in my life! I want to thank from bottom of my heart to Stella’s family for being so wonderful owners and for trusting me, without you this wouldn’t be possible, so thank you very much Cathrin and Jo Emil! ❤️ I also needs to thank once again to my dear friend Vibeke for being so kind to me and letting me use your handsome Max, really appreciate everything you did for me! ❤️And there is another friend that I want to thank so much for making this absolutely lovely ad, the most creative girl I know, my dear Darja! ❤️

Reservation list is closed!

Happy 10th birthday Suki!


We are celebrating a very special day today ❤️. It is 10 years since my dream come true was born, 10 years of wonderful, exciting and unforgettable years! ❤️ My dearest queen Suki, devoted mother and grandmother, my working machine, happy 10th birthday my darling!!! ❤️ Thank you for being you, for loving us so much and cheers to many more healthy and joyful years! ❤️Love you so much!

Vi søker en sameier til en tispe fra vårt F kull!

Vi søker pliktoppfyllende , ansvarsbevist og ærlig sameier til Samojed tispe!

Den 07.08.2020 ble født 13 valper i Serako Maybtso kennel! Foreldrene til valpene er friske og godt premierte hunder, av utmerket gemytt!
Vi søker etter sameier til en tispe fra denne kombinasjonen. Vi ønsker oss at du bor i Akershus/Øvre Romerike, Hedmark, eventuellt Oslo område! Valpene blir leveringsklare i alder av 9-10 uker (leveringsklare midt i oktober)!
Sameier forplikter seg til å behandle hunden som et fullverdig familiemedlem, gi den kjærlighet og mosjon og holde den i utstillingskondisjon til enhver tid! Vi vil bestrebe oss for et godt og gjensidig samarbeid og hundens beste står alltid i fokus!!!

For mer informasjon, ta gjerne kontakt via e-post:, eller på telefon (Manuela) 960 12 481 eller (Erik) 90 77 59 51!


Happy 7th birthday Miyuki and our litter “First”!

7 years ago it was Friday the 13th and it was a magical day, a day when our first litter was born ❤ I will never forget the day Cappy and Suki’s puppies were born, 4 males and 2 females and the very first born female in our breeding was this very special girl Miyuki, our princess Miyuki ❤ Happy 7th birthday to our beloved, most gentle, humble and loving girl Miyuki and please give us many, many more years together! We love you more than words can ever express. So happy birthday to all our special puppies from litter “First” and I hope you will all have a wonderful celebration today!

Our litter “F” is here!

It is time to introduce you to our amazing litter “F”! On Friday 07.08.2020, 13 puppies from Taiga and Max were born, 7 boys and 6 girls. Parents: “Max” Pilskaret´s Cash Is King (HD:A, Eyes:clear, Gonioscopy:mild). “Taiga” All My Supreme Of Serako Maybtso (HD:B, Eyes: clear/distichiasis, Gonioscopy:mild). So no words needed to express how happy and excited we are! It has been 6 very hard and uncertain days for us, but I think we are safe now. I would like to thank once again, from the bottom of my heart to Max´s breeders and owners- Vibeke Nather-Aafarli and Stig Nevander for making this possible in this very special times, I am forever grateful. You are wonderful!❤ And thank you Yvonne thank for being a part of our family, because without you and your cooperation we could never follow our dreams! Thank you for making this possible with being a wonderful co owner! ❤

Puppies confirmed!

It is time to tell you a little bit more about our expecting litter. Our litter «F» is expected in the first half of August 2020, and the proud parents are “Max” Pilskaret´s Cash Is King (HD:A, Eyes:Free; Gonioscopy: Mild) and All My Supreme Of Serako Maybtso (HD:B, Eyes:Free- except mild distichiasis; Gonioscopy: Mild).We live in very special times right now, Corona times where there is no possibility to travel to other countries, so this time we needed to find a male in Norway. In this occasion I would love to thank from the bottom of my heart to Max´s breeders and owners- Vibeke Nather-Aafarli and Stig Nevander Nather-Aafarli with their lovely family, for opening your doors to your home for me and Taiga and taking really great care of us and for all the help and trust to make this breeding even possible when times are hard. You really helped us a lot and there was a moment where everything seemed hopeless and I felt like giving up, but you were there, selfless and ready to help ❤And of course here is also Yvonne ❤ Yvonne thank you very much for being a part of our family, for being open, for all the hard work with Taiga, because without you and your cooperation we could never follow our dreams! Thank you for making this possible with being a wonderful co owner! ❤And there is also another very precious person I have to mention – I said it before but I am saying it again: huge thank you to my absolutely awesome, creative, talented and one of a kind friend Darja Hostnik, for making this wonderful ad once again! You take my breath away, every time! ❤

Happy 9th birthday our darling Suki!

Our beloved Suki, was brought to this world for 9 years ago, and today is her day, and we are celebrating her life, her 9 years of magnificent life!!! So, dear Suki, happy birthday, thank you for 9 fantastic, loving, happy and joyful years and please give us many, many more of those! Love you from the bottom of my heart my precious girl!

Run free our darling Aiko!

Aiko – Kjeborg A’ Flaming Star Of Siko 
17.11.2006 – 06.02.2020
Who was Aiko?…….. My first Samoyed. The one that made me fall in love with this breed completely. The one who saved my life and gave a meaning to my life when everything else failed, when everyday was so dark that I could not get out of my bed. The one that kept me going. The one that introduced me to dog shows and made me enjoy in them. The one that loved dog shows.The one that loved all the people so much that he could live with every single one of them, even with the ones he didn’t knew. The one that loved all the kids. The one that loved the post man and wanted to drive his car. The one that loved horses and gave them kisses. The one that was a big brother and role model to all our dogs. The one that was always generous and never jealous. The one that loved food and treats and would do anything for it. The one that was very, very stubborn and always got his will. The special one. The one that made you happy the second you saw him. The one that made us laugh and loved us unconditionally ❤
Now it was our turn to save him and to show him unconditional love by letting him go and setting him free from pain. No words can describe how much it hurts and how broken my heart is right now, but I know that I owed him this. My dear Aiko, thank you for 13 wonderful years, you did great but now it is your time, to RUN FREE AGAIN!!! Go my love and have fun with our darling Nanook and Liza again, like in old times. One day we all meet again and until then I will just keep loving you, unconditionally <3