Awesome birthday present with new Norwegian CH and Puppy BOG2!

Saturday 11.11.2017, CAC Letohallen (Norwegian Miniature Dog Club)

On Saturday, 11.11.2017 it was a very special day for me. We went to National dog show (Norwegian Miniature Dog Club)with our 3 co-owned puppies (their first show) and our completely naked Umka (you don’t see that he is naked from photos thanks to his strong bones and great coat quality, but trust me there was no undercoat there  ) who was shown now first time after he filled 2 years in March. Before I go to results I would like to express my thankfulness and appreciation to all our puppy co-owners that were there with us on this great day and made my day just perfect!!! Thank you Sidsel & Magnus, Cathrin & Jo Emil and Christina & Espen and thank you for all the presents…(cake, flowers, balloons – feels good to be 40  )love you all so much!  I also want to thank my friends Marian and Kristin and my husband Erik for being there with us (he doesn’t like dog shows) and for cake  And big thank you to all our dogs for giving me best birthday present ever (here I also want to thank to their owners for all the hard work they do with them)!!!! So proud of all of them  So Now the results:
Puppy class (4-6 months and 6-9 months); Puppy breed Judge: Christine Sonberg,Norway; Group judge: Freddie Klindrup, Denmark
“Ludvig” Carpe Diem Of Serako Maybtso – VP2
“Kali” Catch My Dream Of Serako Maybtso – VP1, Best male puppy 4-6months, Best male puppy 4-9 months, BOB Puppy and BEST OF GROUP 2!
“Stella” Cosmic Girl Of Serako Maybtso – VP1, BOS Puppy!
Breed Judge: Freddie Klindrup, Denmark
“Umka” All My Exclusive Of Serako Maybtso – Excellent 1, CQ, CC/CAC, Best male, BEST OF BREED and NEW NORWEGIAN CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!
Umka was registered also on Sunday, but because of his major coat drop we decided to stay at home