Beautiful results for our breeding, at NKK Trondheim (Leangen)!

05.07.2015, CACIB Trondheim/ Leangen (Norwegian Kennel Club)

Ruby & Miyuki

We are back home after a prolonged trip to Trondheim! Wow, what a journey (our car broke down, Miyuki came in her season and got sick on Sunday, I got sick, and we went home first on Wednesday with a rental car – just a short recap 😉 )… well I don´t want to use space for complains here, so I will keep focus on show results!

Well I can say it was definitely a girls day this time! Both girls from our breeding did it outstanding, while boys could do better (just for information: out of 16 males entered, only 6 of them got excellent). But it is a judge´s decision, and we just need to take it as it is! Whatever the results are, I am always proud of all our kids and their owners! I really want to thank to Rune for entering Caro to the show, big thanks to Joanna, Gina and Liv for all the hard work with the boys (Miko and Caro), for showing them so great and just for being there and big thank you Nina (also for showing Ruby) and Ron for taking such a great care of me and Miyuki! We were really having great time with all of you and some other friends as well!

Now to the point;

Judge: Keith Nathan (UK)(dogs registered: 34)

First Cool Fire Of Serako Maybtso “Miko” (intermediate class) – VG 2  

First Captain Of Serako Maybtso “Caro” (intermediate class) – VG 

First Party Girl Of Serako Maybtso “Ruby” (intermediate class) – Excellent 2, CQ, 4th Best Bitch 

First Cool Star Of Serako Maybtso “Miyuki” (intermediate class) – Excellent 1, CQ, R.CAC and 3rd Best Bitch!  

 Can only say once again, thank you all and I am a proud breeder!

Miyuki´s critique:

“Quite outstanding everything put together. Beautiful head, excellent eye shape and placement and good ears. Correct in neck and top line. Correct set and carried tail. Correct angulated shoulders, good length of upper arm with a nice fore chest . Well angulated in the rear. Absolutely precise movement with reach and drive! “