Fantastic day at CACIB Lillehammer and new Norwegian Champion from our breeding!

14.08.2016, CACIB Lillehammer

On Sunday, 14.08.2016 we were at CACIB Lillehammer organized by Norwegian Kennel Club. What seemed as a hopeless day for me and my girls, turned out to be a great day over all expectations! I was showing our two girls, Miyuki (just 5 months after puppies and obviously not in full coat yet and on her 8th day of heat) and Taiga that lost all her coat on Saturday (that was quite a surprise for me since her coat was on the way up in June, full coated in July and now completely naked again 😉 ). At the show there was also the third Serako Maybtso girl, our darling Ruby (Miyuki´s sister) just 6 months after puppies with her loving owner Nina. So it was a «girl power» with 3 Suki daughters from 2 different combinations ;). Before I get to the point I would like to say big thank you and express my gratefulness to Yvonne (Taiga´s co-owner) for being there with us and all the help that was priceless, to a friend Steinar for stepping in and handling Miyuki in Best Bitch line up – so grateful for that, and last but not least to Nina for being there with Ruby and making me over the moon proud breeder!
And now the results:
It was 27 Samoyeds registered for a Swedish judge Erna Britt Nordin. First girl out was our naked Taiga – All My Supreme Of Serako Maybtso, showed in intermediate class and got Excellent 1 with CQ; Next girls out were Miyuki – First Cool Star Of Serako Maybtso and Ruby – First Party Girl Of Serako Maybtso, in strong open class… Miyuki won Excellent 2, CQ and Res.CAC/CC and Ruby won open class with Excellent 1, CQ, CAC/CC, 2nd Best Bitch with R.CACIB and became a new NORWEGIAN CHAMPION! Both girls were only girls that got CQ in open class. I guess I have all the rights, to be so happy and proud of achievements, of all «my» 3 girls, with being such a «young» breeder (Taiga after Boomba x Suki and sisters Ruby and Miyuki after Cappy x Suki), and big congratulations to Nina for 2nd CH tittle of her Serako Maybtso siblings!!! I am a very proud breeder!
Here are also the critiques from Taiga and Miyuki:
Taiga: «55 cm, feminine, nice proportions, beautiful head, good ears, eyes,muzzle and bite, nice neck and strong back (top line), beautiful tale, good body and bones, good reach and drive, good coat but a bit naked, good temperament.»
Miyuki: « 53 cm, sweet and feminine, nice proportions, good skull, ears, eyes, muzzle and bite, nice pigmentation, very good top line, good tail, good body and strong bones, good reach and drive, good coat, excellent temperament.»

Ruby, Norwegian ChampionGirl powerDSC_0005