Good luck our litter G!

Yesterday our puppies became 10 weeks old ❤️, so it was time to start sending them out to new adventures, to new loving and caring homes. This is always a very hard and sad moment for me as a breeder, but at the same time also a happy and very proud moment. I have absolutely no doubts that they will have absolutely wonderful lives, filled with love, care and new adventures and I am so much looking forward to follow them up and watching them grow into strong, beautiful individuals! ❤️ I would like to thank to all their new families for all their care, trust, support and for choosing us as a breeder and with that becoming a family member of our little, humble Serako Maybtso family ❤️. You are all wonderful!!! ❤️So, big congratulations and lots of wonderful and unforgettable moments with your precious furry kids Ingrid Andrea and William, Tomona with your lovely family, Ingvild and Oline, Sigve and Tilia and Hege with your lovely family! ❤️