Happy 4th birthday to our litter “All My”!

It is another special day today and we are celebrating birthday once again. For four years ago our one and only Suki, gave birth to her and Boomba´s wonderful kids, our litter All My. I will never forget how happy, proud and delighted I was that day, with 7 big, chunky and strong puppies! 
Happy 4th birthday to all our wonderful kids Umka, Dennis, Balder, Taiga, Brita, Siri and Maya. 

We all love you to bits!
I want to thank (once again) from the bottom of my heart to all the owners of this very special kids! Thank you for giving them such a great homes, thank you for loving them so much and thank you for trusting us as a breeder and being a part of our family! Please give your furry kids big hugs and kisses from their mother and the rest of our gang.