HD results for 4 of our babies!

Miko & CaroRuby, BIS PuppyMiyuki at last puppy show

I am very happy and satisfied! Finally we received the HD results for the four kids (out of six) from our litter First (Vanderbilt´s Captain Cool x Kjeborg´s Irresistible Suki)! Two of boys got them earlier, but the ones from girls came first today! Here they are:

First Cool Star Of Serako Maybtso – HD: B/C
First Party Girl Of Serako Maybtso – HD: B
First Captain Of Serako Maybtso – HD: A; ED: 0
First Cool Fire Of Srako Maybtso – HD: A

Thank you very much Nina, Joanna and Rune Erik for doing a health check on them, it means a lot to me!