Heart breaking moment for us…R.I.P. Liza and your 9 babies!

our dearest Liza (Dirty Dogs Have More Fun Arctic Star)
27.08. 2012 – 28.05.2015
Liza´s and Kenai´s 9 precious angels (6 girls and 3 boys)

Happy Liza

A letter to Liza and her babies:

My dear, beloved Liza, Liki, Liz, Lizi Dizzy, Li-lu-la, Lilo Krokodilo…I don´t think words could ever explain my feelings and emotions right now, but I am sure that you feel them. I guess you are quite busy with your 9 angels right now (and by the way, could you also hold an eye on Suki´s little angel that left us? I am sure he will be a great «big brother» to your little rascals), but still there are things I would like to say to you:
The night you left us, my life stopped…my heart fell into million pieces, and my soul died for a moment…my little sunshine, my happiness and joy, my special girl, my little dare devil was gone…and you took your angels with you as well… I could not understand why? Why can somebody be that cruel and take you all away? Why my little girl Liza? How can that be fair? You were so young and so full of life, I was so incredibly proud of you, that you will be mom, I had such a strong faith in you…I am not angry on you Liza, I am angry on that «one up there», that decides to take our beloved ones away… I am frustrated, sad, devastated and heart broken, but I know that I have to move on, you would want us to do that! We need to take care of each other, and your 4 friends that are still here with us! They miss you Liza, we all miss you. We love you with all our hearts…and miss you so much! Miss your big smile that was there all the time, miss your love, miss your warmth, miss you laying on top of me, so I could almost not breath, miss you stealing my socks and destroying them, miss you sleeping in all crazy and bizarre positions, climbing on sofa like a cat, I miss you sneaking in my bedroom even if it is not allowed, miss watching you bathing in the river, diving and making bubbles…I miss you and everything about you!!!
But however my darling Liza, I know that you have a nice, pain free life on the other side of the rainbow, I know that you are happy, you have your precious babies there with you and I know you have many, many other friends! There will come a day, when all of us will join you and we will all be reunited again! We will be complete and happy again! I will cherish the beautiful moments we had together and you will live forever in our hearts! You will always be loved and never forgotten!
Until we meet again… my little sunshine!

P.S. Babies, be nice to your mom Liza, don´t make her angry just love her!