Litter “B” is born!

On the night from Wednesday to Thursday, 10.03.2016, 6 wonderful babies, 2 boys and 4 girls, came to world! We are so thrilled and excited about this combination after Rosco and Miyuki. Finally Miyuki became mother and Suki grandmother 😉  Miyuki is the happiest and the most caring first time mother I have ever seen…she is taking such a great care of her babies and doesn´t leave them for a second.
There were supposed to be 7 puppies, but unfortunately, 1 boy was stillborn 🙁 It was a very sad loss but I am sure he will have the greatest company possible on the other side of the rainbow bridge <3 R.I.P. perfect boy <3

Miyuki and kids are doing fine so far!
You can follow up this special litter under Current litters!

Miyuki and her 6 babies