Happy 8th birthday, our queen Suki!

Our beloved Suki, was brought to this world for 8 years ago, and today is her day, and we are celebrating her life, her 8 years of magnificent life!!! She is our queen of the pack, loving mother to 24 children and grandmother to 13 grand children, she is an eternal puppy herself, full of joy and happiness. So now on her 8th birthday, she is retiring from breeding (thank you so much for fantastic offspring dear Suki) and officially becoming a veteran <3

So, dear Suki, happy birthday, thank you for 8 fantastic, loving, happy and joyful years and please give us many, many more of those! Love you from the bottom of my heart my precious girl <3

Saga, a new member of our team!

So…I am happy to officially introduce you a very special girl that is a new member of Serako Maybtso team, owned/co-owned by us and Mari & Henning – “Saga” Eye Candy Of Serako Maybtso  I am so grateful to her co-owners for making this possible for us and most of all to our girl Suki and wonderful, wonderful daddy Balu and of course his breeders and owners Péter Balla and Edit Bula for making this even possible and for trusting us  It is priceless for us to get a piece of what we lost, back  We are enormously excited about this very special girl

Happy 4th birthday to our litter “All My”!

It is another special day today and we are celebrating birthday once again. For four years ago our one and only Suki, gave birth to her and Boomba´s wonderful kids, our litter All My. I will never forget how happy, proud and delighted I was that day, with 7 big, chunky and strong puppies! 
Happy 4th birthday to all our wonderful kids Umka, Dennis, Balder, Taiga, Brita, Siri and Maya. 

We all love you to bits!
I want to thank (once again) from the bottom of my heart to all the owners of this very special kids! Thank you for giving them such a great homes, thank you for loving them so much and thank you for trusting us as a breeder and being a part of our family! Please give your furry kids big hugs and kisses from their mother and the rest of our gang.

Happy 3rd birthday to our litter B!

Happy 3rd birthday to our very special, loving, crazy, always happy, affectionate and just the best monster child Leeloo and all her precious siblings from our very special litter B (Rosco x Miyuki)!Thank you for being a part of my life my baby girl !

Welcome to the world our litter E!

On Wednesday, 06.03.2019 our very special litter after Suki and Balu was born. We got 5 lively puppies, 3 wonderful boys and 2 lovely girls. Mother Suki and puppies are doing great and thriving.

We are already loving them and are looking forward to see them growing and developing day after day <3

More update will come in couple of days.

Puppies confirmed!

I am happy to announce that we are expecting puppies in the middle of March. This litter is a very special one for us because this will be our Suki´s (Kjeborg´s Irresistible Suki – DP 10, BIS, Slovenian Club Winner 14, Winter Winner 14, Slovenian, Swedish and Norwegian Champion) very last litter and the father of the litter is a very special boy that we have very strong feelings for, Balu (Dirty Dogs Have More Fun Arctic Adventure – Working Certificate, Hungarian, Slovakian and Hungarian Grand Champion) <3 For all of you that know us and has been following us for some years now, Balu is a litter brother of our beloved Liza that we lost <3 so that makes this boy very dear for us. However beside our personal feelings for him, he also represents everything that we wish to see in Samoyeds – wonderful family dog, with very kind personality, great working abilities, healthy and of course beautiful. So no words needed to express how happy and excited we are!
Now time to thank to Balu´s wonderful breeders and owners Peter and Edit, for trusting us once again and for making this possible for us! We feel delighted and grateful for everything you did for us and for making our dreams come true! Another huge thank you to my talentfull and awesome friend Darja Hostnik for making another amazing ad for this special litter – you rock Darja! <3


Happy new year!

Thank you 2018! It has been a good year, with nice achievements, good health, good friends – all in all a positive year! Here are just some of the special moments that marked this year:
– Our big bear Umka became a father for 2nd time, to 5 big puppies.
– I had a chance to travel home and see my family and friends.
– Our darling Leeloo was shining the brightest at Eastern dog show, becoming Best In Show and new Norwegian Champion!
– Darling Taiga had her first litter and gave birth to her and Naris´s 7 wonderful puppies!
– Our pack welcomed 2 new members in co-ownership: Icey and Nansen.
– Our stunning co-ownership boy Ludde (Leeloo´s brother), became a new Norwegian Champion!
– Our love Miyuki, was approved as canis therapy dog!
– Our new hope, co-owned baby boy Nansen won Best In Show placements on 2 shows out of 4!
– Both our old boys – Aiko and Nanook are still with us and were celebrating their 12th and 11th birthday.
– And I was just awesome!!!! 😉 I managed to achieve 3 belts in Kickboxing: yellow, orange and green! I am so proud!

So a really good year must say, and if the new one will treat me as good as the old one I will be more than happy!

So now it is only one thing left to say:

This years last show with our Dream Team!

On Sunday, 25.11.2018 I was at this years last show and WOW what a nice ending of show season! I took our “Dream Team” to a puppy show – East County Puppy 2018 to Rakkestad, organised by Rakkestad Dog club. It was 172 puppies that were entered and our babies delivered once again  I want to congratulate and thank to Rakkestad Hundeklubb for a well organised show and very nice prizes! So…the breed and Group 5 judge was Elisabeth Anne Moseby (Norway), Best in show judge was Wenche Skogli (Norway). Big thank you to both of judges for wonderful critiques and for appreciating the qualities of our puppies! Results:
“Nansen” Dream Come True Of Serako Maybtso (puppy class 4-6 months) – VP 1, HP -Price of Honour, BOB, Puppy BEST OF GROUP and Puppy BEST IN SHOW #4!!!!!
“Icey” Dream Big Of Serako Maybtso (puppy class 4-6 months) – VP 1, HP -Price of Honour, BOS!!!
Congratulations and big thank you for all the hard work to all our co-owners ( Maria, Cecilie and Tore ), you are the best!  Big thank you to Alex for all the help with handling and photos from BOG placement and last but not least, thank you so much Guri Th Myrstuen Løken and Lillian Haug for all the help, for staying until the end and making photos and videos in BIS final and mostly for awesome day filled with much needed laughter and lots of fun!!! You girls are wonderful! And I should not forget to congratulate to both of you with all stunning results as well and that group placements were historical
That was it for this year, see you next year!

Nansen´s critique: « 5,5 months, strong and masculine male with beautiful head. Nice ears placement. Excellent neck, nice front, nice and strong body, good over and underline, nice angulated. Excellent coat, excellent movement, especially promising puppy!»

Icey´s critique: « 5,5 months, beautiful feminine bitch with race characterized head. Nice pigmentation, nice ears placement. Excellent neck, strong back, nice tailset, good over and underline, harmoniously angulated. Excellent movement. Full of personality. Especially promising puppy!»