World Samoyed Meeting 2019!

Bettet late than never…ūüėČ
World Samoyed Meeting Estonia 2019!
Day 1, Estonian Samoyed Speciality Show, 09.08.2019; Judge: Janet Ainscow, Australia ( 111 dogs registered)
“Leeloo” Born To Be Cool Of Serako Maybtso (open class) – Excellent 1, CQ, CAC/CC, 3rd Best bitch and new Estonian Champion!!! Leeloo was also nominated for best movement and best expression competition¬†ūüėć
Day 2, Euro Samoyed Show, 10.08.2019; Judge: Katarzyna Szutkiewicz, Poland ( 105 dogs registered)
“Leeloo” Born To Be Cool Of Serako Maybtso (open class) – Excellent 3 and nominated for best expression competition. It was not really Leeloo’s best day, was jumping like kangaroo in best open class in last round and partially also my fault¬†ūüėā¬†Hormones did contribute to that as she started her season the day after¬†ūü§®
I want to thank to both judges for beautiful critiques and for appreciating my breeding!
We had really wonderful time, catching up with some old friends (I love you all) and meeting some new ones. Really wonderful, priceless experience! Thank you so much to all of you¬†‚̧¬†Thank you very much¬†Marie¬†and¬†Aleksander¬†for lovely surprise and for coming and showing darling Kokkos – Double The Bet Of Serako Maybtso who got excellent both days¬†ūüėćCongratulations!¬†
We prolonged our stay with couple of extra days first in Haapsalu and then in Tampere in Finland. We had a lovely time, so thank you very much Kristiine and family, Susanna and family and also my dear friend¬†Marjo¬†with family for taking such a good care of us and welcoming us¬†‚̧
I also want to thank everybody for all the beautiful photos and videos if me and Leeloo (¬†Katja, Marie,¬†Minna¬†and¬†Gary. Maybe I forgot some names but I am equally grateful. )¬†‚̧
So thank you all our beautiful friends and hope to see you at next World Samoyed Meeting in Slovakia or somewhere else. 

Run free our baby boy Nanook!

Our love got wings last week. Run FREE our baby boy, most humble, gentle and happy boy I have ever met, Nanook, Nooki, Nucik, Zmrzlinka¬†ūüíĒ¬†Thank you for almost 12 wonderful, filled with love and affection, unforgettable and adventurous years my baby! We are missing you and we are heart broken, but relieved that your pain is taken away and that you are left in company of most wonderful other angels that are now welcoming you on the other side of a rainbow bridge. Thank you to his breeder Jana for bringing this special boy in our lives¬†‚̧
“Nanook” G-Taro Of Xamba Yoshi and Us
13.12.2007 – 12.08.2019

Proud breeder!

I think I am allowed to be proud breeder once again ūüėć Wonderful show news coming from Karm√łys double CAC show from two of darlings from our breeding: 
“Billy G” Celebrate Life Of Serako Maybtso ( open class) – 2 x Excellent 1, 2 x CQ, 2 x CC, 2 x Best Male and 2 x BOS!!!
“Kokkos” Double The Bet Of Serako Maybtso ( junior class) – 2 x Excellent 1, 2 x CQ, 2 x CC, 2 x Best Bitch, 2 x BEST OF BREED, 1 x BEST OF GROUP, 1 x JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW and 1 x R. BEST IN SHOW!!! 
Huge congratulations to both Marie with Kokkos and to Liv with Billy G. I am so proud of you and so happy for you! ‚̧
At the same time I have to share even more happy news!
ūüėć Kokkos – Double The Bet Of Serako Maybtso got health checked with Hips: A, Elbows: 0 and Eyes: Free including Gonioscopy  ūüėć
Thank you very much for checking her and big congratulations  Marie and Aleksander!!!!  

Double CAC Vålerbanen!

After 8 months break from shows, it was my big pleasure to spend two days at CAC Vålerbanen ( 20. and 21.08.2019), arranged by Norwegian Eurasier Club. On Saturday I only took with me baby Saga, since it was her very first show and I wanted to make sure to have all the time only for her. She was just so relaxed and took everything so cool and with no stress. I adore her personality, he just needs more show training.  On Sunday we took with us my darling Leeloo, to make a little training after one and a half year break and before showing her in Estonia in August. This girl just never let me down, she always give 300 % and just enjoy being in show ring!
I was over the moon happy to see our darling Balder from our All My litter with his family on Sunday. He is just an amazing boy and it is a pity he got injured and needed to withdraw from being showed that day. But no matter that, wonderful to see them all, and big thank you¬†Birgit¬†and¬†Marius¬†(and Marius¬īs sister) for coming, doing me great company and for all the priceless help!
At the end, big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the judges for wonderful words about my girls, and for wonderful placements! It means a lot to me since I am of a very humble type and is sometimes missing the confidence that my dogs can do it too ( that is why we always have so lousy photos from podiums, because it always comes so unexpected to me, that I am on another planet with my thoughts.

20.07. 2019, Judge: Knut Sigurd Wilberg (UK) 
¬ęSaga¬Ľ Eye Candy Of Serako Maybtso (Puppy class) – VP1, HP, Best Of Breed Puppy.
21.07.2019, Breed judge: Darko Korosec (SLO), Group judge: Mona K. Selbach ( N )
¬ęSaga¬Ľ Eye Candy Of Serako Maybtso (Puppy class) – VP1, HP, Best Of Breed Puppy.
¬ęLeeloo¬Ľ Born To Be Cool Of Serako Maybtso (Champion class) – Excellent1, CQ, Best Of Breed and BEST OF GROUP!!!

Happy 8th birthday, our queen Suki!

Our beloved Suki, was brought to this world for 8 years ago, and today is her day, and we are celebrating her life, her 8 years of magnificent life!!! She is our queen of the pack, loving mother to 24 children and grandmother to 13 grand children, she is an eternal puppy herself, full of joy and happiness. So now on her 8th birthday, she is retiring from breeding (thank you so much for fantastic offspring dear Suki) and officially becoming a veteran <3

So, dear Suki, happy birthday, thank you for 8 fantastic, loving, happy and joyful years and please give us many, many more of those! Love you from the bottom of my heart my precious girl <3

Saga, a new member of our team!

So…I am happy to officially introduce you a very special girl that is a new member of Serako Maybtso team, owned/co-owned by us and Mari & Henning – “Saga” Eye Candy Of Serako Maybtso ¬†I am so grateful to her co-owners for making this possible for us and most of all to our girl Suki and wonderful, wonderful daddy Balu and of course his breeders and owners P√©ter Balla and Edit Bula for making this even possible and for trusting us ¬†It is priceless for us to get a piece of what we lost, back ¬†We are enormously excited about this very special girl

Happy 4th birthday to our litter “All My”!

It is another special day today and we are celebrating birthday once again. For four years ago our one and only Suki, gave birth to her and Boomba¬īs wonderful kids, our litter All My. I will never forget how happy, proud and delighted I was that day, with 7 big, chunky and strong puppies! 
Happy 4th birthday to all our wonderful kids Umka, Dennis, Balder, Taiga, Brita, Siri and Maya. 

We all love you to bits!
I want to thank (once again) from the bottom of my heart to all the owners of this very special kids! Thank you for giving them such a great homes, thank you for loving them so much and thank you for trusting us as a breeder and being a part of our family! Please give your furry kids big hugs and kisses from their mother and the rest of our gang.

Happy 3rd birthday to our litter B!

Happy 3rd birthday to our very special, loving, crazy, always happy, affectionate and just the best monster child Leeloo and all her precious siblings from our very special litter B (Rosco x Miyuki)!Thank you for being a part of my life my baby girl !

Welcome to the world our litter E!

On Wednesday, 06.03.2019 our very special litter after Suki and Balu was born. We got 5 lively puppies, 3 wonderful boys and 2 lovely girls. Mother Suki and puppies are doing great and thriving.

We are already loving them and are looking forward to see them growing and developing day after day <3

More update will come in couple of days.

Puppies confirmed!

I am happy to announce that we are expecting puppies in the middle of March. This litter is a very special one for us because this will be our Suki¬īs (Kjeborg¬īs Irresistible Suki – DP 10, BIS, Slovenian Club Winner 14, Winter Winner 14, Slovenian, Swedish and Norwegian Champion) very last litter and the father of the litter is a very special boy that we have very strong feelings for, Balu (Dirty Dogs Have More Fun Arctic Adventure – Working Certificate, Hungarian, Slovakian and Hungarian Grand Champion) <3 For all of you that know us and has been following us for some years now, Balu is a litter brother of our beloved Liza that we lost <3 so that makes this boy very dear for us. However beside our personal feelings for him, he also represents everything that we wish to see in Samoyeds – wonderful family dog, with very kind personality, great working abilities, healthy and of course beautiful. So no words needed to express how happy and excited we are!
Now time to thank to Balu¬īs wonderful breeders and owners Peter and Edit, for trusting us once again and for making this possible for us! We feel delighted and grateful for everything you did for us and for making our dreams come true! Another huge thank you to my talentfull and awesome friend Darja Hostnik for making another amazing ad for this special litter – you rock Darja! <3