Nice results at Norwegian Winner Show!

17.10.2015 Hamar, Norwegian Winner Show 2015

Miyuki, 2 years oldSuki, 4.5 years old Suki, 4.5 years old

This weekend, we were at the International Dogshow in Hamar -Norwegian Winner show 2015! We were showing mother and daughter, Suki and Miyuki, and even if the girls are in their summer coat (especially Miyuki), they did a great job and made me very proud! It was a quite big entry of 45 samoyeds: 23 males and 32 bitches!
Judge:Gunilla Sandberg (S):
Miyuki – First Cool Star Of Serako Maybtso, shown in open class for the first time – Excellent 3 with CQ!!!
Suki – Kjeborg´s Irresistible Suki (champion class) – Excellent 3 with CQ!!!

It was so much fun showing Suki again after more than one year break (7 months after puppies) and at some point I thought that she will take off…she is a crazy racer 😉
Miyuki just gave it to me all, acted a bit like a puppy again, but so much fun seeing her being herself again!
I can only say that I am very proud of my girls, as always!