Nice results for our girls at EDS Oslo, 2015!

06.09.2015, EDS Oslo

Ruby, 23 months oldMiyuki, 23 months old Miyuki, 23 months old

Two girls from our breeding were shown at European Dog Show, this Sunday in Oslo, under Norwegian judge Marianne Holmlie. Both girls did a great job, but the one that was really shining this time, was beautiful Ruby! We are very proud of both girls, and I want to thank to Nina for entering Ruby, and handling her to her great results! And here are the results:
“Miyuki” First Cool Star Of Serako Maybtso (intermediate class) – Excellent (5)
“Ruby” First Party Girl Of Serako Maybtso (intermediate class); owned and loved by Nina Kristin Eggen (kennel Polarhiet) – Excellent1 and R.CAC!!!!