Our “C” litter is born!

On Friday 09.06., we had a long and busy day…It was puppy time ♥ Please welcome to the world our 6 little wonders after Moomi & Suki:
Mr. Gray (450 g)
Mr. Green (460 g)
Mr. White (440 g)
Miss Rose (480 g)
Mr. Red (470 g)
Mr. Yellow (450 g)
Suki and babies are doing well.
I want to thank so much to Kadri and Kristiine, for trusting me and letting me use their precious boy Moomi and making my dream come true once again ♥ I am so happy and so thankful!

P.s. Kullet fyller Norsk Kennel Klub og Norsk Polarhundklubb sine avlskrav.