Our litter “All My” is born!

Suki x Boomba babies

Here they are… On Thursday, 12.03.2015, 7 big and beautiful puppies after our Suki and Boomba were born! It was a very long night for us, but we all feel good and relieved. Suki gave birth to 4 boys and 4 girls, but unfortunately we lost one boy…he was a perfect little angel. He will be deeply missed but never forgotten!
First boy came on Thursday, 12.03.,  at 18:10 and last girl finished the birth on Friday, 13.03. at 05:40 in the morning. All of them are big, chunky babies with weight between 415 g Р520 g!
Suki and babies are doing great and more photos will follow! We are all sending big kiss to proud daddy Boomba and his owners Helen Chen and Kristiine Uspenski!

Puppy page will be updated soon!