Our litter “F” is here!

It is time to introduce you to our amazing litter “F”! On Friday 07.08.2020, 13 puppies from Taiga and Max were born, 7 boys and 6 girls. Parents: “Max” Pilskaret´s Cash Is King (HD:A, Eyes:clear, Gonioscopy:mild). “Taiga” All My Supreme Of Serako Maybtso (HD:B, Eyes: clear/distichiasis, Gonioscopy:mild). So no words needed to express how happy and excited we are! It has been 6 very hard and uncertain days for us, but I think we are safe now. I would like to thank once again, from the bottom of my heart to Max´s breeders and owners- Vibeke Nather-Aafarli and Stig Nevander for making this possible in this very special times, I am forever grateful. You are wonderful!❤ And thank you Yvonne thank for being a part of our family, because without you and your cooperation we could never follow our dreams! Thank you for making this possible with being a wonderful co owner! ❤