Our Umka became father!

End of this summer we had a visit of two very special girls, that came all the way from Nederlands. It was our big joy and happiness to host Stana and her lovely girl Yuki – Adventurous Girl Dutch Miracle at our home. We sure had some very interesting, adventurous and funny days watching the lovebirds Umka and Yuki doing what they were supposed to do 😉 So, their dating was very successful and on Sunday, 22.10.2017 their babies were born. There were 8 wonderful babies, but unfortunately 3 of them didn’t make it… mother nature can be very cruel sometimes! But after that is said, we are still happy and excited and celebrating life of 3 males and 2 females that made it and are growing up nicely. So the lucky 5 and their mother and doing great now!

We want to congratulate Stana with this lovely litter, wishing her all the best with them and we will for sure be following up all of them, growing up (and of course we are very proud of our boy Umka 😉 )!