Puppies are here!!!

Our “D” litter is here
On the night from Sunday to Monday, 10.06.2018, 7 wonderful babies, 1 boy and 6 girls, came to world! We are so thrilled and excited about this combination after Naris and Taiga. Taiga is a very good first time mother taking good care of her babies .
There were supposed to be 8 puppies, but unfortunately, 1 girl that I named Tinkerbell -because she was so tiny, was stillborn  It was a very sad loss but I am sure she will have the greatest company possible on the other side of the rainbow bridge  R.I.P. little Tinkerbell
However we are overjoyed with 7 beautiful, strong puppies that are together with their mom Taiga, doing fine so far!

I want to thank so much to Dovile, for trusting me and letting me use their precious boy Naris and big thank you to Taiga´s co-owner Yvonne for making my dream come true  I am so happy and so thankful to both of you girls!