Puppies confirmed!

It is time to tell you a little bit more about our expecting litter. Our litter «F» is expected in the first half of August 2020, and the proud parents are “Max” Pilskaret´s Cash Is King (HD:A, Eyes:Free; Gonioscopy: Mild) and All My Supreme Of Serako Maybtso (HD:B, Eyes:Free- except mild distichiasis; Gonioscopy: Mild).We live in very special times right now, Corona times where there is no possibility to travel to other countries, so this time we needed to find a male in Norway. In this occasion I would love to thank from the bottom of my heart to Max´s breeders and owners- Vibeke Nather-Aafarli and Stig Nevander Nather-Aafarli with their lovely family, for opening your doors to your home for me and Taiga and taking really great care of us and for all the help and trust to make this breeding even possible when times are hard. You really helped us a lot and there was a moment where everything seemed hopeless and I felt like giving up, but you were there, selfless and ready to help ❤And of course here is also Yvonne ❤ Yvonne thank you very much for being a part of our family, for being open, for all the hard work with Taiga, because without you and your cooperation we could never follow our dreams! Thank you for making this possible with being a wonderful co owner! ❤And there is also another very precious person I have to mention – I said it before but I am saying it again: huge thank you to my absolutely awesome, creative, talented and one of a kind friend Darja Hostnik, for making this wonderful ad once again! You take my breath away, every time! ❤