Litter “C”



Date of birth: 09.06.2017; 5 males and 1 female!

We are happy to announce that on Friday, 09.06.2017, 6 miracles after Suki and Moomi were born! It was a long time planed litter and we are very excited about the combination. Suki and her kids are doing fine so far. We are extremely happy and proud of both parents!

Parents of the litter:

Sire: EST & LTU J CH; EST & PL CH Smiling Snowball My X-Factor ” Moomi “
HD:A, ED:0, Eyes: Free/Clear (mild distichiasis), Gonioscopy: OK
Bred and owned by Kristiine Uspenski (Smiling Snowball) and Kadri Polda

Dam: SLO & HR J CH; SLO CH, NUCH, SEUCH Kjeborg´s Irresistible Suki ” Suki “
HD:A, Eyes: Free/Clear (mild distichiasis), Gonioscopy: OK

Pedigree of the litter:

Weight from week to week:

Puppy Birth Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
Gray Boy 450g 920g 1400g 1840g 2440g 3400g 3900g 4900g 6200g
Green Boy 460g 920g 1320g 1740g 2480g 3600g 4200g 5200g 6400g
White Boy 440g 890g 1360g 1780g 2400g 3400g 3900g 4900g 5900g
Rose Girl 480g 900g 1310g 1800g 2400g 3200g 3900g 4600g 5800g
Red Boy 470g 920g 1300g 1730g 2340g 3200g 3900g 4900g 5900g
Yellow Boy 450g 650g 970g 1350g 1740g 2300g 2700g 3300g 4000g

Puppies 3 weeks old:

Puppies 5 weeks old:

” Bror ” – Cheeky Charmer Of Serako Maybtso

Owner: Solveig Juley Gusdal, Norway
HD: B; AD: 1/0
Eyes: /

” Ghost ” – Crazy In Love Of Serako Maybtso

Owner: Miriam Fiko & Espen Snøsen, Norway
Eyes: /

” Kali ” – Catch My Dream Of Serako Maybtso

Co-owners: Magnus Hansen & Sidsel Skyrud, Norway
Eyes: /

” Stella ” – Cosmic Girl Of Serako Maybtso

Co-owners: Jo Emil Holen & Cathrin Aaby, Norway
Eyes: /

” Ludvig ” – Carpe Diem Of Serako Maybtso

Co-owners: Christina Bråten & Espen Sameien, Norway
HD: /
Eyes: /

” Billy Gunnar or shorter Billy G ” – Celebrate Life Of Serako Maybtso

Owner: Liv Haglund, Norway
Eyes: /