Litter “G”

2 boys and 3 girls 💙💙❤️❤️❤️ Born: 25.06.2021 Parents: “Max” Pilskaret´s Cash Is King (HD:A, Eyes:clear, Gonioscopy:mild). “Stella” Cosmic Girl Of Serako Maybtso (HD:B, Eyes: clear/distichiasis, Gonioscopy:mild). I want to thank from bottom of my heart to Stella’s family for being so wonderful owners and for trusting me, without you this wouldn’t be possible, so thank you very much Cathrin Aaby and Jo Emil! ❤️ I also needs to thank once again to my dear friend Vibeke Nather-Aafarli for being so kind to me and letting me use your handsome Max, really appreciate everything you did for me! ❤️ And there is another friend that I want to thank so much for making this absolutely lovely ad, the most creative girl I know, my dear Darja Hostnik! ❤️