Run free our darling Aiko!

Aiko – Kjeborg A’ Flaming Star Of Siko 
17.11.2006 – 06.02.2020
Who was Aiko?…….. My first Samoyed. The one that made me fall in love with this breed completely. The one who saved my life and gave a meaning to my life when everything else failed, when everyday was so dark that I could not get out of my bed. The one that kept me going. The one that introduced me to dog shows and made me enjoy in them. The one that loved dog shows.The one that loved all the people so much that he could live with every single one of them, even with the ones he didn’t knew. The one that loved all the kids. The one that loved the post man and wanted to drive his car. The one that loved horses and gave them kisses. The one that was a big brother and role model to all our dogs. The one that was always generous and never jealous. The one that loved food and treats and would do anything for it. The one that was very, very stubborn and always got his will. The special one. The one that made you happy the second you saw him. The one that made us laugh and loved us unconditionally ❤
Now it was our turn to save him and to show him unconditional love by letting him go and setting him free from pain. No words can describe how much it hurts and how broken my heart is right now, but I know that I owed him this. My dear Aiko, thank you for 13 wonderful years, you did great but now it is your time, to RUN FREE AGAIN!!! Go my love and have fun with our darling Nanook and Liza again, like in old times. One day we all meet again and until then I will just keep loving you, unconditionally <3