So very proud of two special girls and their owners!

Time to do a little brag. Entire summer I was quite busy and overwhelmed with puppies, so I did not do so much update on our previous offspring. But now I want to write about two girls from our B (Rosco x Miyuki) litter, that made us very proud this summer and I can not thank enough to their owners for all the great work with these two girls.
First I want to talk about Pepsi – Beautiful Mind Of Serako Maybtso and her loving owner Ingrid <3 I am not sure what the English names for her achievements are but I will just translate them “literary” from Norwegian and I hope you understand the point of it. Earlier this year in winter time Pepsi passed her test for blood tracing with second price, only a bit under 1 year of age, and that is just outstanding! This summer girls took it even a bit longer and passed also the fresh blood tracing test. So Pepsi is now officially approved tracing/searching dog on hunting team. Girls you are the best!!! <3
Now I go further to Elsa – Born To Be Loved Of Serako Maybtso and her loving owners Marie and Aleksander <3 Elsa was showing consistency with nice results from the show ring entire summer, and two weeks ago she put a cherry on the top by winning Best in show at Match show organised by South Rogaland Working Dog Club! Congratulations girls and Aleksander!