Some great health results!

We have two health updates:

So happy and relieved! Suki – Kjeborg´s Irresistible Suki eye checked and free for the third time ( only distichiasis that she had all the way and a small cholesterol spot on her right eye, that came recently).

We also got the health results for another girl from our “All My” litter after Boomba and Suki! The pink girl “Siri” All My Happiness Of Serako Maybtso just got her hips result HD: A/B and Eyes: free/clear 😀 This is the 5th puppy out of 7 from this litter that was health checked and all healthy! Well done Suki & Boomba!
I am so happy with all the results from Suki´s offspring where 10 of 13 kids were checked, and all 9 healthy eyes and 1 with B/C hips and 9 free!
Big thank you and congratulations to Siri`s owners as well!