WDS 2014, Helsinki – an awesome experience!

World Dog Show 2014, Helsinki 09.08.2014


We are back home after our 7 days trip to Helsinki! We had absolutely amazing time before the show, on the show and after the show! We spent some really nice time with our friends (thanks to all of you for great time) and participated on the show that was on Saturday, with all 3 of our girls.
I wish I would have better time to watch at least some of the males and to spend more time with all the friends and wonderful people from whom I know some of them in person, but bit a big part of them only through Facebook, but the time was passing so fast and to do list was big!

I have to mention, that I was BLOWN away by the quality of the girls in mostly all of the classes! It was such a big joy to see so many fantastic quality bitches and of such an even quality!!! Really some outstanding girls and an extra praise to all the CH bitches! So much beauty! So in my eyes all the winners were worthy winners and even the ones that didn´t win could be worthy winners! My sincere congratulations to really all of you, you are all doing a great job!!!!!After that is said, the show was organized to perfection so big thank you to the organizers as well!

We were showing Miyuki in Junior class, Liza in Intermediate and Suki in Champion class… The girls did a good job, showing themselves nicely except our little devil Miyuki that once again thought that running in the ring is a playtime! But despite that, very satisfied with the results, all three of them Excellent and some of them even considered to make it to the final cut!

Here are the results:

Judge: Mr. Mark Houston Mcmillian (Canada)

Miyuki – First Cool Star Of Serako Maybtso (junior class) – Excellent

Liza – Dirty Dogs Have More Fun Arctic Star (intermediate class) – Excellent

Suki – Kjeborg´s Irresistible Suki (champion class) – Excellent

On our way home, we made a stop to see our dear friends Steven and Els and our boy Loki. It was priceless to see them again!