We are so proud of Brita!

Last weekend 12.06.2016, there was a Samoyed Speciality show in Finland, and once again Brita – All My Dreams Of Serako Maybtso (Boomba x Suki), made us very proud as her breeder! She did a great job under a respective Finnish judge Matti Tuominen. She won her class (junior class) with CQ, she was also BOB Junior and ended up as 3rd Best Bitch with R.CAC! She was also a part of Progeny class with her father Boomba and 3 other kids of Boomba from Smiling Snowball, and they won BIS Progeny!!!

Thank you very much Susanna & team and thank you Helen! Thanks also to Charlotte for photo of Brita! I am so proud of Brita and her team! Congratulations as well to Susanna with all the wonderful results with her girls, congratulations to Helen with her Boomba kids, congratulations to Charlotte with her awesome results and huge congratulations to Kristiine Uspenski for amazing wins <3