World Samoyed Meeting 2019!

Bettet late than never…ūüėČ
World Samoyed Meeting Estonia 2019!
Day 1, Estonian Samoyed Speciality Show, 09.08.2019; Judge: Janet Ainscow, Australia ( 111 dogs registered)
“Leeloo” Born To Be Cool Of Serako Maybtso (open class) – Excellent 1, CQ, CAC/CC, 3rd Best bitch and new Estonian Champion!!! Leeloo was also nominated for best movement and best expression competition¬†ūüėć
Day 2, Euro Samoyed Show, 10.08.2019; Judge: Katarzyna Szutkiewicz, Poland ( 105 dogs registered)
“Leeloo” Born To Be Cool Of Serako Maybtso (open class) – Excellent 3 and nominated for best expression competition. It was not really Leeloo’s best day, was jumping like kangaroo in best open class in last round and partially also my fault¬†ūüėā¬†Hormones did contribute to that as she started her season the day after¬†ūü§®
I want to thank to both judges for beautiful critiques and for appreciating my breeding!
We had really wonderful time, catching up with some old friends (I love you all) and meeting some new ones. Really wonderful, priceless experience! Thank you so much to all of you¬†‚̧¬†Thank you very much¬†Marie¬†and¬†Aleksander¬†for lovely surprise and for coming and showing darling Kokkos – Double The Bet Of Serako Maybtso who got excellent both days¬†ūüėćCongratulations!¬†
We prolonged our stay with couple of extra days first in Haapsalu and then in Tampere in Finland. We had a lovely time, so thank you very much Kristiine and family, Susanna and family and also my dear friend¬†Marjo¬†with family for taking such a good care of us and welcoming us¬†‚̧
I also want to thank everybody for all the beautiful photos and videos if me and Leeloo (¬†Katja, Marie,¬†Minna¬†and¬†Gary. Maybe I forgot some names but I am equally grateful. )¬†‚̧
So thank you all our beautiful friends and hope to see you at next World Samoyed Meeting in Slovakia or somewhere else.